Our Mission

Provide the best products and services
for customer business growth

Our Vision

Digitize the Base of the Pyramid by providing a suite of financial services and business tools to connect the African informal economy to the world

What We Do

We empower micro and small businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to grow and succeed.
This not only means access to credit, but also the skills to use it correctly. It’s why our first product blends loans with financial education.
We provide each client with a bespoke programme of business training which enables them to use the credit we provide to positively grow their business. We look at their current life and business stage to give them the relevant information to help them on their journey.
Conventional service providers see this as an insurmountable challenge. We see it as an opportunity to utilize data in ever smarter ways. Using our proprietorial machine learning system, we’ve found ways to use data from multiple sources to design credit products at scale which are optimized for segments, business risk, timescale and affordability.

How it Works

The platform is designed around the customer and is rewarded with high customer satisfaction ratings. We receive a consistent Net Promoter Score above 70 - double the industry average for financial services. Over 80% of our customers are women and 75% are located in rural areas. More than 92% of customers repay on time and over 80% return for repeat business, achieving high and otherwise unreachable growth rates. We are expanding now across Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, creating a ladder of opportunity for those in most need to realise their aspirations. We’ve proven our blended training and credit service can positively change thousands of lives every day. We seek to deliver the indispensable tools to unlock the potential of a billion-strong opportunity as Africa’s fastest fintech.

Products & Services

Watch How it Works

Our growing suite of digitized products and services are delivered by a combination of technology and face-to-face channels.

Business Training

Business training is delivered through a progressive syllabus designed in partnership with our customers.

Capacity Development

Our credit products provide 100% unsecured instant access credit for working capital. Loans are risk-based, rate capped and designed to ensure each client increases take-home earnings to grow their business and improve access to education, food, water and services.

We work directly with individual business owners and also through vendor and distributor partnerships to provide credit lines for producers and wholesalers. We use their validated data and networks to pass benefits to both end-clients and our partners.

Product Use

Well used credit creates wealth. Poorly administered credit creates debt-dependency and fuels poverty. Our loans operate within strict affordability limits based on data, and our training helps clients maximise returns from the working capital we provide.

We are expanding our range of services to include insurance, mobile money management and a digital business toolkit to connect clients with the on-demand online economy.


4G Capital also works with aggregator partners to provide working capital financing to their clients through our seamless IT integration. Please reach out to us at contact@4g-capital.com if you’re interested in partnering with 4G to provide receivables credit or financing opportunities to your clients in our East African markets.

Client Profile

  • Owner-operators of micro businesses in low income informal markets.
  • $2-5 per day net income but with high buy-at / sell-at margins.
  • Very short business cycles of 1 to 30 days.
  • 81% Female traders seeking to provide for family needs.
  • 77% rural markets in agriculture, FMCG, household goods and service value chains.
  • 40% under 35 years old.
  • Highly entrepreneurial outlook with strong work ethic.
  • Highly resilient and aspirational, seeking a better future for themselves and their families.

Jane Nginyo

Poultry Farmer

Number of 4G Capital loans: 31

Jane has made significant investments in her poultry farm with 4G Capital business loans, growing 500% in size (from 200 to 1000 hens) over 4 years.
She now runs a very profitable business and has saved enough to buy a car to bring eggs to market as well as supporting her children through school.

Mary Wanjiru Maina


Number of 4G Capital loans: 35

Mary’s bakery began with a wooden spoon and a small charcoal oven, baking only 2 kg of flour a day. With no personal savings to invest in her business, and unable to meet bank requirements for business loans, Mary had no way to expand her bakery to meet local demand. Since becoming a 4G Capital customer Mary has invested in a mixing machine, 2 electrical ovens and now bakes 120 kg of flour a day. Suppliers collect her produce daily and distribute to local shops, steadily increasing her customer base.

James Jarembeh

General Shop Trader

Number of 4G Capital loans: 46

4G Capital monthly business loans have enabled James to expand his household goods business from a roadside stall to a market shop. With over 46 repeat loans, James believes the greatest advantage to 4G Capital is ease of instant credit. 4G Capital loans do not require deposits, securities or guarantors, only an on-site assessment with background checks. With a first loan available in only 24 hours, and repeat loans available in under 3 minutes, he has been able to access the business credit he needs, on his terms, via his mobile phone using mobile money.


4G Capital is a financial technology credit provider that supports individuals and businesses across Africa.

Recruitment and Training

Your journey with 4G Capital starts here. Our organisation offers invaluable skills and training to drive forward your career in financial services. Regular staff incentives and promotions are offered within our fast-growing business.

At 4G Capital, we believe that autonomy, communication and purpose are the key aspects that drive performance.  We equip you with the necessary tools to succeed. Our culture has been developed with our employees in mind.


We are currently looking for individuals who believe in our mission and will strive to achieve shared goals, living our values as servant leaders in our communities.

Sales and Collection Interns

We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people seeking a dynamic professional career. The internship programme lasts one month. Upon successful completion interns are offered a full time contract and deployed to our new units all over Kenya and Uganda.

Sales and Collection Requirements

  • A good level of general education - Diploma or degree preferred
  • Computer literacy
  • Education background in Sales, Marketing or Business Administration
  • Previous internship experience in a financial institution an added advantage
  • Willingness to work in all regions of Kenya (Kenyan applicants) or Uganda (Ugandan applicants).

Team Leaders

We are hiring Team Leaders to serve in our new markets in Kenya and Uganda. Our leaders are determined and highly motivated young operators who wish to grow their career in a results-oriented and exciting organization with a great culture.

Team Leader Requirements

  • 1-2 years of leadership or management experience
  • Previous experience and understanding of micro finance institutions
  • A degree in a business-related field
  • Good leadership skills and ability to work well as part of a team
  • A strong, mission driven and ambitious person who leads by example.

To be part of this exciting team, please send your resume and motivation letter to careers@4g-capital.com. Remember to indicate your field of interest as the subject header.

4G Capital is an equal opportunities employer committed to supporting diversity and rewarding talent.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We do not charge for interviews or recruitment