4G Capital: Data Privacy Policy

4G Capital respects the privacy of our customers and holds the security of personal customer data in the highest regard.

  1. From time to time, 4G Capital may request information, including personal information, from our customers, in order to provide products and services to these customers.
  2. 4G Capital will take every precaution to ensure that these data are protected against unauthorised use.
  3. 4G Capital may, from time to time, share customer data with third parties such as Credit Reference Bureaux. 4G Capital may also, from time to time, request data about our customers from Credit Reference Bureaux. This sharing of data with the Bureaux is to protect our customers from harmful or irresponsible lending practices.
  4. Our customers have the right to request that we inform them of the purpose for which we collect any data which we may request from them. Such requests may be directed to : data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com. 4G Capital undertakes to provide a clear, plain-language explanation to customers upon receiving such a request.
  5. Our customers have the right to request that personal data which is in the hands of 4G Capital (including data received from 3rd parties) be erased. Upon such a request, 4G Capital will comply, provided that this does not impact on our ability to provide our products and services to the customer (in which case we will inform the customer of such) and provided that it does not compromise our ability to investigate or prosecute fraud or any other criminal behaviour. Customers may address such requests to data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com.
  6. 4G Capital undertakes to provide a customer with a copy of his/her personal data, as well as a record of his/her transactions with 4G-Capital if he/she so requests. Such requests may be directed to data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com.
  7. 4G Capital undertakes not to use race, religion, political views or sexual orientation to discriminate in the way we interact with customers, or our product and service offering to them. If a 4G Capital customer feels that she has been subject to discrimination of this nature - she may direct her complaint to data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com.
  8. 4G Capital customers have the right to object to any use of data with the exception of: data which is needed in order for us to fulfil our contract with the customer and data which may be needed to investigate or prosecute fraud or other criminal offences. In particular - if 4G Capital are using the data for direct marketing purposes - then we will stop this use of data immediately upon objection by the customer. Any such objections may be directed to data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com.
  9. 4G Capital keeps all personal data relating to customers in a secure database. Only authorised staff-members are given access to these data. Copies of personal customer data are not allowed to exist outside of this secure database except in encrypted form.
  10. Should the security of personal database be breached at any point, this breach will be recorded in a register and we will inform the customer accordingly.
  11. Whenever 4G Capital adopt a new technology, design systems or data-processes we undertake to ensure protection rights and have a checklist of data protection criteria that must be satisfied before such technology, systems or processes are implemented.
  12. Any 3rd party who may, from time to time, assist us with data processes is contractually obliged to conform to our Data Privacy Policy.
  13. When 4G Capital processes personal data, we undertake to keep a record of these processes.
  14. 4G Capital has a Data Protection Officer, who is a senior member of the organisation and whose duty it is to ensure that 4G Capital’s Data Privacy Policy is enforced, and that customer privacy rights are protected at all times. Any concerns that may arise about data privacy matters may be addressed to data-protection-officer@4g-capital.com.